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Salamander Drake's Display Plaques

We can display your arms on various wooden plaques and shields. We have oval and rectangular shaped plaques in a couple of sizes; small (about 10" X 7 1/2") and large (about 12" X 8 1/2"). We also offer life-sized shields, either round or classic "heater" style (shaped like the shield in the Salamander Drake logo. Below are some examples of plaques and shields.

The Hurley arms on a small oval unstained plaque.

The arms of Leary on a small rectangular plaque. This is a plain straight-edged unstained plaque, but more fancy rectangular designs are available.

Wall shield bearing the marshaled arms of Merritt and Eggert. Swords such as these can be obtained from various places (see links and references.)

We also offer sturdy combat-ready shields bearing your arms. As of now, we only make round "Viking-style" combat shields. Hopefully in the future we can produce some curved heater-style combat shields.
The author's own Viking-style combat shield.

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