New Jersey is a weird place. It's more than just highways and factories. Located here in the most densely populated state is a very weird wilderness indeed. The pine barrens is a desolate, isolated area of twisted pine trees and murky swamps covering over 1,700 square miles. It is said that there are parts of the pines that no human has ever set foot in.

The pine barrens' most infamous resident is not a human at all, it's the Jersey devil. This creature has haunted the region since before the American revolution. He is the "official demon of New Jersey" (I don't think any other state has an official demon). Now that's weird.

Who or what is the Jersey devil? Even now, some people claim to see him or at least his handiwork. It is said that he lurks on the lonely roads of the pines frightening travelers, or that he raids farms , making off with livestock. But can any of this be true? Is there really a 300 year old demon wandering around south Jersey? If there is, can he really be such a bad guy?

I, myself, do not technically believe in the Jersey devil. However, he is one of my favorite folklore figures and has fascinated me since I first heard the stories as a child. Let us now find out more about this ancient New Jersey legend and see if we can answer some of those silly questions posed previously.

Birth of the Jersey Devil

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